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People looking for a relationship have begun to grasp this reality. Approximately 42% of adults say knowing someone's credit score would This can be useful for people using dating sites like Tinder, Bumble. Regardless of income, she found arguments over money are a major predictor for divorce.

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After that earn unlimited 1. PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –There is now an online dating site that matches you with a partner based on your credit score. Learn more about our advertising policy.

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While other dating sites use various methods to match people looking for a partner, CreditscoreDating. Salary, height, the size of your, um, shoe. Of all the personal stats relevant in dating relationships, a credit score never crossed my mind. That is. Volume

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What people do and say in the early days of dating might have an impact later on. An online dating site,, matches potential partners based on credit scores, lessening the potential conflict over money. But after some light credit-related banter, the topic turned to another number — my height — which he seemed to find more attractive.

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If one partner runs up bills and doesn't pay, the partner with the good credit score suffers too. Worry about failing to spot financial red flags in your potential relationship? Now there's an online dating site that tries to match you with a. And that brings us back to credit scores.

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Just waiting to be Equi-fixed up? You already know that credit scores hold the key to unlocking better interest to credit score becoming the key factor in whether or not you'll date someone. Read more: How couples can get on the same page about money. Then I started swiping and readied myself for the marriage proposals to roll in.

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Low credit scores can deny one access to a mortgage or increase the costs of credit by thousands of dollars, says Stephen Brobeck, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America, a consumer advocacy group. On her second date with a man she met through an online dating service, Lauren was surprised when he revealed his credit score over dinner. National Average

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A high credit score can help predict whether someone is trustworthy. Credit Score Dating, an online dating site which provides users with an indication of the credit scores of others, allows you to find a romantic.

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