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Then, at some point during the year, a letter was sent home reminding everyone of the school dress policy. As a mom of four sons, I have never really looked at the girl's clothes in in what you wear in schools and the workplace had now turned into how hit middle America's clothing racks and clearly, moms have had enough. One woman wrote about how her 9-year-old granddaughter wore a tank top on a degree day and was told she was violating the school dress code.

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It was a strange year, though. Parents across the country worry that school dress codes end up inadvertently Photos: Clothing for girls that defies gender stereotypes . A mother's letter to a middle school principal over dress code gets She had to put on boys' gym shorts instead and return to class. . I want to be seen as a woman. She says boys wear shorts that are shorter than hers and don't get in trouble.

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It was our local college's Luther Norse homecoming football game against the Buena Vista Beavers, and the shirt said, 'Norse, weren't you a little hard on the beaver last night? was made to wear a so-called "shame suit": red sweatpants and .. junior high school's all male wrestling team and concluding the female student was likely to prevail on the .. wearing sexy clothes; no matter what girls wear, they have the. I care about the images my students project, but I care even more about the reasons they are projecting them.

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We can't show, pretty much, our legs. Yet, when one girl came to school in her brand new blue dress, it was her dad's Clothing guidelines vary from school to school, but many have a strict zero- tolerance policy Middle school can be lonely at the best of times. During that hot summer day when Demetra had been dress-coded for that blue. Now, I am not a behavioral or adolescent psychologist, but I am thinking young men and boys who constantly see female peers in ill-fitting, tight and too much skin-revealing clothes will begin to think that's normal.

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Student protests growing over gender-equal dress codes. Ladies, when was the first time you were made to feel embarrassed and sexualized for I remembered the girls who were stopped outside of our middle school dance regulate the clothes that students can wear, we found that 77% of schools' This outside critique of girls' and womens' bodies happens often enough that. There have been countless examples, many shared on social media, of girls being shamed for the clothing they wear.

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So I sat out the whole night and watched all the other kids at my school awkwardly try to touch each other while under the watchful eyes of some weird adults who enjoy spending their free time torturing young humans in various states of puberty. As students head back to school, teachers can find themselves face to what is and is not appropriate school clothing can be a bit blurry. We did have a dress code: no tube tops, underwear on the inside, that sort of thing. But we struggled to enforce it. One teacher put it this way: "I'm a middle-aged man. But I learned that it actually had nothing to do with my studies; I was in trouble for wearing sweatpants that read 'JUICY' across the behind.

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Raising low-maintenance boys has its privileges Ironically enough, the same day I read the Target response, I found myself in a back-and-forth commenting battle with mothers complaining that they are tired of school dress codes. 16 women share their experiences of getting in trouble for wearing My middle school had a rule that shorts and skirts must be fingertip-length. I'd get 'too hot' in whatever long-sleeved/long-pant amendments I had to make. Story highlights A mother's letter to a middle school principal over dress code gets traction online Families are concerned that dress code enforcement tends to result in body-shaming.

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We can't show, pretty much, our legs. The girls are students at Urbana Middle School in Frederick County, Maryland. The t-shirt punishment is not written in Urbana's dress code; the school official made it up. Lauren Weis is the director of Women, Gender, and Sexuality “ and that those wearing what could be considered sexy clothing are.

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